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with your customers and prospects with 90-95% certaintly

At, our proprietary voicemail delivery system will allow you to send your personal recorded voice message directly to the cell phone voicemail of your customers and prospects WITHOUT their phone ever ringing. Unlike cold calling, knocking door-to-door or face-to-face visits, you will never fear rejection ever again because their phone never rings because your call goes straight to voicemail with our ringless voicemail system. Ingenious! Why didn't someone think of this before. This technology is brought to you exclusively by


Forget about sending thousands of emails that get marked as spam and never get delivered. Stop wasting your time manually calling 50-100  sales calls each day and getting rejected when our system can call thousands in minutes and deliver your message successfully direct to your recipients voicemail with a 100% guaranteed delivery rate. Direct to voicemail broadcasting allows you to effectively deliver your message with a 90-95% certainty that your recipient will check and listen to your message. After all, the cell phone is the most powerful communication tool because everyone has their cell phone on them, everyone checks their messages so they will hear your message.


If you have client or prospect phone numbers, we can load them into our ringless voicemail system, record your message and send them out in seconds. If you don't have any numbers, no problem, we have over 315 million potential prospect phone numbers that can laser target your niche, demographics and location.  It's finally possible to now connect direct to voicemail and it will revolutionize the way you engage with your audience in an entirely new and effective way.


How to go straight to voicemail

  • Cold Calling
  • Bulk Emailing
  • Knocking on Doors
  • Rejections

Low response rates are also a thing of the past because your friendly personal voice message is 10x more inviting than an impersonal email blast. Lastly, 90-95% of emails land in the junk mailbox whereas 90-95% of cell phone messages get listened to.


We also make it easy for you. We  manage your entire call campaign account for you.


So if you have been wondering how to send a voicemail without calling or how to call direct to voicemail, then is your new solution to get your phone ringing.




  • Get your message delivered and listened to with 90-95% certainty as a cell phone voicemail without caling because we dial voicemail direct.
  • Target your exact niche market and connect direct to voicemail with them by leaving a voice message directly to their cell phone or VOIP number.
  • Craft a personal voice message that will express your personality, passion and enthusiasm without the fear of someone picking up the phone because of our ringless voicemail system.
  • With our voicemail broadcasting system, you will receive a call back from people that have listened to your voicemail and are truly interested in your offer and want to speak with you.
  • Our dial voicemail direct system can potentially quadruple your effectiveness in connecting with your audience when they eagerly reach back out and call you with an interest.



direct to voicemail
ringless voicemail



Our service NEVER CALLS anyone, their phone never rings and

their network does not register an active call.



go to voicemail

Imaging never having to cold call ever again. It is a waste of time and rejection is demoralizing.

Email marketing is a numbers game and trying to avoid landing in the spam folder or being blacklisted is almost a certainty.

Knocking on doors or visiting potential clients face-to-face is tough and very time consuming.





1) GENERATE YOUR CALL LIST We will tap into our extensive database of over 315 million mobile numbers and put together a targeted phone list based on a specific geographic location and niche that you would like to target with your message. If you already have your own accumulated phone list, that’s even better because your customer are already receptive to you. We just load it into our ringless voicemail system with a special niche messages specific for that audience and your message will go to voicemail.  Imagine never making 70-100 calls daily ever again or hiring someone to make the dreaded calls. Now you are saving time and money and your customers would be surprised to get a personal message from the owner.


2) RECORD YOUR MESSAGE TO GO TO VOICEMAIL The best messages are those coming from the business owner. For example, imagine if Hilary Clinton was our client and she recorded a personal message asking for your vote and it was sent out to everyone’s cell phone in a state that she was trailing in.   Do you think receiving a message from Hilary may change the outcome at the polls? We thinks so.  The goal of the message is to sound unscripted, natural, friendly and the more impromptu sounding…. the better. If you are uncomfortable recording your own message, don’t sweat it. We can record your message for you. There’s even no charge for that.  Just don’t expect us to get Hilary to record a message for you.


3) RUN YOUR DIAL VOICEMAIL CAMPAIGN Once the call list is generated and the message recorded, we then load them into our ringless voicemail proprietary system and we call directly to voicemail. We recommend breaking your call campaign into two runs at least twice a month. This will allow you to stay in front of your customer multiple times with a personal message.



dial voicemail

New customer introduction example: A friendly personal message from the owner is sent targeting a specific geographic area or zip code and demographics introducing themselves and their product or service.


Restaurant example: All restaurants have slow days or hours. ABC restaurant would like to fill seats on Tuesday’s during lunch.  We can set up a call campaign to go out just before lunch and send a direct voicemail message to their cell phone at 10-11:30 am on Tuesday with a free appetizer message if you show up between 11:30 to 3 pm with a friend. We can even pull a list of 5,000 homeowners, earning 100k or more, within a 5 mile radius to a restaurant, ages 40-60 and having a birthday in the month of December.   The restaurant can then send out a personal message inviting them for a birthday celebration including a special menu, balloons, including cake and free gift. How cool is that!


Hair salon, spa, nail salon, bars example: Half price on X product or service this Monday-Friday only. $10 off this week only. 20% off this Monday-Thursday.


Coffee shop, frozen yogurt example: Buy one get one half price month. Come in for our special holiday flavors going on now. Purchase a $25 gift card and get a free regular X. We just open our new business and want to invite you in for a free X.


Fitness gym example: Free trial week. Free personal training evaluation. New Yoga class trial week. New member $39/mo. December special.


Web design, social media, SEO, AdWords example: A web design company sends out a friendly personal welcome message offering a free website evaluation to uncover issues that can affect performance and ranking. A social media or SEO company offers a free business evaluation to drive more traffic to a site.


Mortgage broker example: The mortgage owner sends a personal message to his customer base informing them that rates have dropped again to their lowest level in 12 months and this may be their last chance to refinance before rates begin to increase. There are also no closing cost if they act now.


Car dealership example: The owner already advertises on TV so his audience recognizes him personally and is surprised to get a personal message from the owner. The owner offers a free oil change and or tire rotation on their upcoming 60,000 mile inspection.


Realtor example: The Realtor has a new listing and contacts other local Realtors informing them of the upcoming open house on Tuesday with a personal invitation message.


Financial planner example: A financial planner wishes to target young adult’s age 35-45 with discretionary income in a particular zip code who make 50-100k and offers his service with a free financial planning strategy.



Mortgage Broker

Insurance Companies

Financial Services





Website Design

SEO Companies

Digital Marketing




  • Retail Businesses Who’s Customers Frequent Several Times a Month or Quarter
  • Companies Looking For New or Repeat Business



Hair Salons


Fitness Gyms

Nail Salons

Coffee Shops

Frozen Yogurt Shops




Carpet Cleaners


Car Dealerships

Oil Change Businesses

how to go straight to voicemail




  • You can create as many lists and record as many messages that you need with our voicemail broadcasting platform.


  • NO COST We won’t charge you if you request us to generate additional call lists for you. Just tell us your new list parameters and we will generate it for you.


  • With our platform, you can see exactly how many messages go out and are successfully delivered.


  • NO COST We don’t charge if you want us to record a message for you or multiple messages for all your ringless voicemail campaigns.






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