Question: Can I provide Straight-To-Voicemail with my own phone list and if so, what file format do you want it?

  Answer: Absolutely. We accept .CSV or .txt type files with one phone number per line and a 10 digit phone

                 number. Just email it to us at


Question: Is there a cost to hire your voice-over to record my message?

  Answer: Nope, it’s free.


Question: Is the Straight-To-Voicemail system compliant?

   Answer: Most definitely. Our system is 100% TCPA, FCC and CRTC compliant. Our service NEVER CALLS

                 anyone, their phone never rings and their network does not register an active call.


Question: Can you generate for me a call list that is for either consumer or business numbers outside the US?

   Answer: For now we only provide call lists in the US and Canada.


Question: Can your system call landline numbers?

   Answer: Right now only mobile and VOIP number, but landline numbers are in the works.


Question: What is the optimal recording length of my message?

   Answer: The most receptive messages are short and to the point, unscripted, natural, friendly and the more

                 impromptu (done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed) sounding the better.


Question: If I want to record my own message, what format do you want?

   Answer: We can accept MP3 and WAV files. Just record it and send it to

        we will load it into our system.


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