How to call straight to voicemail

How to leave a voicemail without calling and get your phone to ring

If you absolutely need to get your message across to thousands, our dial direct ringless voicemail system is your answer. The overall goal of any successful marketing campaign is to find the best way to maximize your effort and to get your message in front of as many people within your target audience as possible. Straight-To-Voicemail (STVM) is the most effective means to accomplish this goal because it can deliver your perfect message to thousands of cell phones with a 90-95% certainty your message will be heard.

Straight-To-Voicemail ringless voicemail system VERSUS manual calling, door to door and emailing


1) STVM is 100 times more effective than your sales team because they cannot physically call all the people they wish to connect with manually and when they're not connecting, you're not maximizing your effectiveness to your bottom line profit.


2) Unlike email blasting where 90-95% of your emails never get delivered or fall into the spam folder, STVM guarantees that 90-95% will get delivered.


3) Having your sales agents physically make 50-100 calls or door-to-door visits each day is tedious, unproductive,demoralizing and can be even be counter productive.  Our voicemail delivery system will make those calls X 1000 with a perfected direct to voicemail message each time, to your target audience and sent at the most optimal time of day when your audience is most receptive.  With a 90-95% certainty that your audience will hear your message, you are now making the connection and making sales.


4) Most of your sales agents may not be seasoned professional salesmen and when they make that dreaded cold call and are finally in front of the prospect, they only have 15-30 seconds to make that great first impression. MOST will be too nervous and screw it up and lose the sale. STVM with a perfected message for each delivery and sent at the optimal time of day, will make that 15-30 seconds counts. This will create the call to action needed to move the sales process forward and get your phones ringing with a warm call back. Now your agents are not dealing with a cold call, but a warm receptive caller interested in hearing about your products or service. Now you can close deals which previously would have been lost. Think of our dial voicemail system as an investment to land more clients and close more deals.


5) It is estimated that it costs 50 cents to a dollar for a salesperson to manual make one call to a prospective client. Our ringless voicemail system will do the job 10x more effectively and at a cost as low as 15 cents per call. Increased efficiency at a lower cost will increase your bottom line profits.


6) Manual calling leads has a 2 in 10 chance of getting through to a live person which is a big waste of time management and money paying your team. STVM has the same 2 in 10 chance, but without any waste of time management because it only takes a few minutes to deliver thousands even hundreds of thousand of dial direct voicemail messages. Time is money and now you are saving thousands of dollars with STVM when your team is not burdened with making unproductive calls.


7) STVM is basically screening thousands of potential client for your team so they don't have to waste their time making hundreds of calls or sending out thousands of emails and this will save money, improve productivity, efficiency, conversion rates and your bottom line profits.


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